Unions are groups that act as a middle man to negotiate employee rights and compensations with businesses.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy received from Boeing Company: $30k, PPG Industries: $24k, National Assn of Manufacturers: $7.5k, plus $10k from others on Unions
Senator Sherrod Brown received from AFL-CIO: $12.5k, Owens-Illinois: $10.5k, Boeing Company: $7.5k, plus $3k from others on Unions
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Senator John Barrasso received from Boeing Company: $12k, Trinity Industries: $7.5k, Consumer Healthcare Products Assn: $4k, plus $9k from others on Unions
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AGAINST Republicans

Republicans feel that unions limit innovation and strong-arm businesses into deals that limit growth and impede on employment opportunities. They prefer to focus on right to work laws and incentives to allow businesses and employees to negotiate benefits and compensations without a middle man. source

FOR Democrats

Democrats feel unions are essential to protecting workers rights. Their focus is making it possible for people to form or join a union regardless of where they work. source


  • Company
  • Boeing Company
  • University of Louisville
  • Auto Care Assn
  • Hardwood Federation
  • Trinity Industries
  • PPG Industries
  • National Assn of Manufacturers
  • National Fisheries Institute
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Printing Industries of America