There are various controversies about transgendered in the military, among other topics. There is a rising trend of acceptance on both sides of the aisle despite media hype. source
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FOR Republicans

While in recent years there was a lot of pushback from right-leaning republicans, there is a growing movement to support for transgendered individuals. The former focus to protect the religious rights of businesses and institutions is becoming less of an issue as religious views evolve. Members of the republican voting base are trending toward supporting transgendered figures in army and workplace. And Jennifer Williams received support as the first republican transgender to run for state assembly. source source

FOR Democrats

Democrats feel a person’s identity should not interfere with their ability to work, vote, marry, attain housing, or other basic life tasks. They focus on equal rights in all areas of life, and do not feel religious beliefs should be a factor when businesses choose to hire or serve an individual. source