The most current controversy involves a rule proposed by the USDA and FNS in 2019, which would redefine eligibility for people in the SNAP and free lunch programs. source
Rep. Madeleine Dean received from American Academy of Family Physicians: $5k, Walmart Inc: $4k, National Confectioners Assn: $2.5k on Nutrition
Senator Pat Roberts received from Biotechnology Innovation Organization: $51.7k, International Dairy Foods Assn: $12.5k, National Assn of Convenience Stores: $10k, plus $36k from others on Nutrition
Senator Pat Roberts is on the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, the Subcommittee on Health Care
Rep. Nancy Pelosi received from American Academy of Family Physicians: $17.5k, National Corn Growers Assn: $10k, International Dairy Foods Assn: $5k, plus $15k from others on Nutrition
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FOR Republicans

Republicans feel the new rule will help reduce wasteful spending and welfare fraud. It is clamed the 500,000 kids that will be impacted in the free lunch program will still qualify, they will just need to apply separately from the SNAP project. source

AGAINST Democrats

Oppose the revision because it is estimated to take 500,000 kids off free lunch programs in the 2020/2021 school year. source


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  • Walmart Inc
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  • PepsiCo Inc
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