Republicans and Democrats both support home ownership and making sure the abuses that led to the housing crisis never happen again.
Senator Elizabeth Warren received from Natural Resources Defense Council: $28 on Housing
Senator Elizabeth Warren is on the Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development
Rep. Greg Stanton received from National Assn of Realtors: $13k, American Bankers Assn: $10k, Mortgage Bankers Assn: $2.5k, plus $7.5k from others on Housing
Senator Mike Lee received from American Bankers Assn: $10k, American Hotel & Lodging Assn: $9.5k, Raytheon Company: $2k, plus $3k from others on Housing
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Senator Patrick Toomey received from American Land Title Assn: $16.5k, American Bankers Assn: $5k, Reinsurance Assn of America: $2.5k on Housing
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FOR Republicans

Republicans do not feel government regulation is a solution. They want better guidelines to stop predatory loan agreements, promote responsibility for affordable agreements to both buyers and lenders, and end lending quotas that lead to poor company lending choices. source

FOR Democrats

Democrats are focused on expanding the funding for the National Housing Trust Fund and the Neighborhood Stabilization program. They want to increase federal and state programs to reduce homelessness and restructuring housing market policies. source


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