Drug Costs

Both parties are equally invested in finding solutions to the rising cost of medications. However, the two parties differ in how they’d like to fix it. source
Senator David Perdue received from Pfizer Inc: $15k, Merck & Co: $14k, Amgen Inc: $12k, plus $57.5k from others on Drug Costs
President Donald Trump received from American Clinical Laboratory Assn: $217 on Drug Costs
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Senator Debbie Stabenow received from American Assn for Justice: $20k, National Assn of Health Underwriters: $10k, American Physical Therapy Assn: $10k, plus $33k from others on Drug Costs
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FOR Republicans

Republicans are resistant to legislation that limits the marketplace like price cap provisions. They prefer more free market tactics like improving the accessibility of generic drugs.

FOR Democrats

Democrats focus how the high costs of essential medications place a strain on low- and middle-income families. They generally support federal legislation that would regulate and price cap various medicines based on their category. source


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