News Tammy Duckworth pressures postal service board on firing DeJoy

by David Green

Bloom also noted that DeJoy “has been a dedicated Postmaster since he was appointed to the Board of Electors in 2008.” “We are proud to have him as our leader and we believe that his leadership will continue to be instrumental in ensuring a bright future for the Postal Service,” Bloom wrote. ADVERTISEMENT Duckworth took her concerns to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is running for president, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). In a letter sent Monday, Warren called on the board to “immediately fire Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General,” citing his “egregious attacks on the United States Postal Service from day one as a board member.” The senator also asked Sanders to join her in calling on the board to remove DeJoy from office. Sanders responded by writing a letter of his own , asking Bloom and other members of the board to support their decision to fire DeJoy based on language contained in their own resolutions in June 2013 that stated that they would “examine all means available under law and regulation including legal action; all facts available including those related to financial statements; [and] all options available including legal action … regarding any proposed changes or other actions relating to postal operations or policies which may adversely affect the interests of USPS employees, mailers, shippers or others with business with USPS or its customers … or which may adversely affect public health and safety.” The senator added , “If Congress does not act soon then you can be assured that we will take appropriate actions through legislation.“  DeJoy has long been an outspoken critic of USPS plans under Sanders’ tenure as postmaster general . In 2013 he told The New York Times that he was “flabbergasted” by what he called “the lack of imagination” shown by Sanders’ predecessor, Patrick Donahoe, when it came to how best “to restructure this organization.“  ADVERTISEMENT In 2015 , DeJoy said at an American Enterprise Institute event that efforts by Sanders’ administration had led him “to conclude [that] this administration is hellbent on destroying this organization.” He added , “It’s clear now they don’t care about anything but their own political survival.“  The former Trump executive has repeatedly called for cutting service hours at post offices across the country, arguing it would save money . His plan has drawn opposition from many local leaders who say it could hurt business at small post offices . 

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